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Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Hopefully, I should have the video done soon. Instead, I wanted to explain a couple of previously unmentioned new features that will be featured in Echo of the Force.

Droid Armor
In KotOR I and II, we saw droids that were unable to equip armor. Their appearance, therefore, was static. However, you could get armor for them; but the armor never changed their appearance. In Echo of the Force, that will change. You will still get the armor, but unlike the vanilla game it will change their appearance. I probably will limit the number of variations to maybe 3-5 per armor type. (I think there were three levels of droid armor in the vanilla game; I could be wrong.)

Party Member Customization
Why should the droids get all the fun?, you may wonder. But, I could customization my party member's head/appearance in TOR, some may complain. Well, the droid party members won't be the solo recipient of customization. For each non-droid party member, I plan to have 2 or 3 variations for their head. Obviously, the heads shown off thus far (and shown in the portraits on the website) are going to be the canon heads for them.

I am considering to possibly tweak the site's layout, and fix a couple CSS problems in the process. As always, the Kast's Echo website is the official source to find out the latest updates for this mod.

Anyways, I hope to get the video update up very soon. So, stay tuned for that in the near future.

More Coming Soon...
Those sound freaking amazing! By the way, need any help on it? I can script, write dialog, and help out with templates and .2das if you want.

All of my mods are available on Deadlystream.

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