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Finally at least somewhat on board. Roommate has SWTOR and plays it. My current machine being woefuly inadequate, I kinda depend on him and when his machine is open. This game is pretty cool. Some differences from the KOTOR games but otherwise pretty similar.

Name:Samanthus (Take a wild guess who she's inspired from?)
Occupation: Jedi consular currently Lv 12
Server: Bergeren
Species & Gender: Human & Female (obviously)
Role: Unsure yet. While I like the idea of DPS'ing, they're dime a dozen. I'd be way more popular healing or tanking for flashpoints/raids. This is something I'll decide when I choose to be either a shadow or a sage. Probably just go with whatever suits my style best.

Height: about 6'3"
Weight: That's a personal question!!!
Likes: hard working knucklebusters, wisecracks, mystery, intrigue, gymnastics, walking the line between light and dark despite typically being a good person.
Dislikes: ignorant slackers, clingy people, laziness (mental and physical), politics, indecisiveness, unrealistic pessimism, whining, and traffic.

Currently in story: done just about everything on Tython. Have not found the mission where you choose whether or not to hurl the flesh raider into the fire but it doesn't come up anywhere. Is it not a shared story quest? Anyway, I'll be headed to Coruscant soon.

I had meant for this character name to be for the Bounty Hunter (hint hint), but browsing around I'd forgotten I was checking out the consular--for this reason and the fact I am going to make my own character simultaneously after deleting this one, she won't be a permanent character. This is, however, my first MMO character ever. If anyone is subbed and looking to make headway with a new character on the Bergeren server, we can coordinate something. Not that I think any o' you would leave the comfy confines of the Harbinger.

Also note my roommate is available more often than I, and if anyone is looking for help, he's glad to help. Just don't be like the one tanking guy who started a group mission then bailed and left everyone else to fend for themselves. (None of you strike me as the type who would do that just cuz of a meal or whatnot). From what I see, he's a competent player--I SUCK in comparison, but I'm new so I have a reason. Do your job and he will be reasonable. Knows looting etiquette--but if he gets another fiery speeder like the one for his Inquisitor Sorcerer, you can bet he's gonna keep it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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