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Originally Posted by DiamondBack3003 View Post
I'm having a slight well not too slight problem with KSE. Recently I purchased the digital download of KOTOR, installed it added mods everything seemed fine then when I would try to use KSE it would come up saying 'Could not find saves directory for KotOR1' even though I know theres a directory for it.

I'll go to select the right path and it'll show saved games from before I'd uninstalled it, even though I deleted them (repeatedly), lastly the area for quests will not show up either though everything else shows up just fine.

Just tried being sneaky and using switching it from KOTOR savedgame folder to TSL and same problem as before, do I have a virus or a corrupted version of KSE?
I'm having the same problem as this guy regarding quests. Can anyone give me a hand here?
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