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1.Do you like jk2 1.03? No. In my opinion the best version is 1.04, it's just the best when it comes to fighting and showing skills. I find any other version pretty lame.

2. What do you think about Jedi knight 2 vs unleashed 2? Unleashed 2 is nowhere close to JK2. JK2 is the best Star Wars game you can play if you play the right version.

3. If it would have an opportunity to revive the JK2, would be you on v1.03? Nope, 1.04. Where I think most players would be/are playing. (?)

4. When did you start to play in JK2? and how old were you? Around 2005-2006. I was around 11.

5. Remember: when the JKA was available, JK2 would had had 200-500 players online, sure? Sure.

6. we have JK2source on this moment, but the game, could it become freeware? why not? I'm not sure if it can, but it would be awesome if it could be.

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