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Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Too bad they never look as good in game (IMO)

The lack of aurora lights really bothers me, even though the lightmaps often are really awesome.
Well, you need to do the lights via the lightmapping. Auroralights are only for adding some extra detail. The game only ever renders 3 of the lights at anyone time. Modern engines don't do it this way anymore.

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I keep wondering what asteroid belt they had to completely strip in order to mine that much pretty red marble

You do love your marble textures Q. Looks great
Yeah, I just love the patterns and contrast in marble
Though the textures need a serious edit. They don't tile smoothly. And I find the red to be a bit to dark and lacking in contrast.

But it's work for a later date!

Originally Posted by darthtyren View Post
My turn to finally comment. You have got to get this done, Q(not to say I don't want a quality area, take your time), because this area looks just way too awesome!
Getting closer to finish. Just hang on!

Originally Posted by Viralfelon View Post
Hey quanon!
Nice work I have a guess at the city planet.

Is it....cinnagar
Héhéhé, no.
The name has been mentioned a few times now. But I won't spoil it now just yet. I'm not alone on this project.

An update: Got the first part of the area into the game. No texture stretching, just a few odd little 'bugs' to fix. Did waste more then 2 hours to get it to work properly in the game though >_>

Never forget the Resetxform!

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