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Heroes: The Fall

It's been nearly sixty years since the majority of the Heroes of the world were wiped out by a vast alliance of Villains who stood united in their hatred of the superheroes who had stopped them time and time again. The few who weren't killed have long ago given up on their beliefs and have gone into hiding among the non-superhero population. Others took their own lives after seeing the horror that their inability to stop brought upon the world. A few who have now been branded as traitors switched sides and became Villains and Warlords fighting over what little land the true villains have left untouched as they struggle to gain power amongst themselves. The villains for all intents and purpose have finally won.

But wherever there are villains, there will always be those willing to rise against them. Among evil and corruption there will always be those who feel the urge to do what's right. There will always be those who have special gifts who feel the need to use them for the greater good.

There will always be heroes

Outskirts of Las Vegas

Amy Zander watched the twinkling lights of Las Vegas fill up the night sky from her small but but functional house. It had taken her nearly two months to build the small but efficient little house. It protected her from the elements and from the occasional storm.

She looked up at the wall that held the most important thing in her life. The hammer that went by the name Mjolnir. As far as she knew, it was one of the last remaining items from the Age of the Heroes.

It's a shame that the hammer can't give me advice. She thought. I don't know where to start. I've trained with Mjolnir and learned how to use it's power. But I don't know what to do first. The villains have had years to grow stronger and stronger and I've only used Mjolnir for two months. I wish I had a teacher. Someone to guide me...she thought. She knew that the Hero known as Thor had once wielded the hammer in defense of the world before the Fall of the Heroes but he had had years to master it. What could she do after only two months?

Too bad there isn't anyone left to teach me. She thought as she continued to look at Mjolnir
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