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Outskirts of Las Vegas

"You!" The Korbinite Champion bellowed, his grip on 'Strombreaker' tightening. "Where is my 'Oath Brother'? What have you done to him!?"

Amy quickly turned around and saw some sort of...well, she didn't know what it was. But whoever this was was wearing armor that was strikingly similar to what Thor had worn before his death nearly fifty years ago.

And whoever this was had recognized Mjolnir!

Is it possible that this is someone from Thor's world? Maybe they want Mjolnir back! I can't let them take it!

"Uh..." Amy stammered at the sight of the imposing figure. She wasn't scared, more like intimidated. "I'm...I'm sorry but I don't know who your speaking of." She said carefully as she edged towards Mjolnir and was preparing to grab it in case she needed to defend herself. Not that she could do much with it. She barely knew the extent of it's powers and she was far from mastering it.
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