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I think we should get the child back to the Hawk and than we'll try and come back for them.

Jun-la nodded as she took in the Jedi's quiet countenance. She could tell that she was worried and no doubts to the reasons why. She looked up and said, "Tara, please continue."

"Proceed down corridor 32B for a hundred meters. Then left."

Jun-la marveled at how fast the AI managed to gain control of the station systems. She pulled out her comm as she led the way and said, "Andros, prepare the Hawk for take off and hover. Problems."

Copy that Master. Tara sent some warnings.

"She's always been one to prepare," Jun-la muttered as she grasped Alriana's hand in a knowing squeeze and led the way with the child in tow.


Hang on Tavaryn.

Tavaryn blinked. He was still dazed and his vision was blurry from blood loss. He managed to think humorous thoughts of what the CMO was going to say and not to mention the quartermaster when he brought his power suit back. He did feel a little at peace knowing that Alriana was all right. He sent back, For you I try harder moi chroi.

Hold on Onashi! We've got a plan!

Tavaryn looked up at Xandros and the Cathar. He really didn't blame the Cathar for his little stunt and the air breach. Seemed that parenthood could make people crazy and he figured he was in for an interesting ride when his was born. He looked at his feet to see Tyrannus still holding on and looking a little pale from air loss. Looking back up, he knew he would fight as hard as he could.

Nodding at Xandros, he reached up to his helmet and tapped it. He got a hold of Tara, "Tara, any plausible way to use the station's defenses to seal up the breach?"

What do you have in mind?

"An explosion or two to send debris and seal the breach."

You must be critical. I am detecting a breach in your suit and your vitals are slipping. This is crazy.

"Is there a way?"

Maybe. No Guarantees.

"Then we go for it."

You're crazy... It's why I love you. Sending plan info to your friends. Of course you should have a 'discussion' with the Cathar.

Tavaryn would have said something but he passed out. His grip was starting to loosen on the piping he was holding onto. His fingers slowly releasing themselves.


It was a device called a Force Relay, presumably one of many all over the galaxy. When placed at Force Nexuses, they form a network through which someone could manipulate the Force directly from a central point. Since the Sith captured Coruscant, that central point would most likely be the Jedi Temple.

Tariq listened to what the Jedi was saying and asked, "What could a Force User do with such a thing?"

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