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I have a 120 lb. half arctic/half timber wolf, 4th generation domesticated. Rearing up to her full height on her 2 hind legs she stands as tall or even taller than my mum. I'd estimate she's about 5'6" tall maximum at the apex of rearing up.
Nearing 2 years old it's out of one phase and into the next. She used to pull and take off. Being I'm just shy of weighting 170 lbs, though I was able to hold onto her she'd still pull me quite a bit if she decided to take off after a critter while on the leash. I finally let her off when she proved she'd always come back.
Now she's reaching that point where she doesn't always want to come back at first when it's time for the end of the walk, usually when she still has too much energy left.
Big deep scary bark and growl.

Like my previous wolf, she loves chasing off bears in the trash, and bears do NOT like her. She also loves teasing and chasing coyotes. They're annoyed and even a little scared, while she's got that amused "haha" prance. They tried to go after her but she always fools them. And since their biggest one is totally afraid of her on direct confrontations (he's like half her size and can't really outrun her), none of them really want a piece of her. They don't even try trapping her anymore. It's a natural sort of hierarchy because wolves kill coyotes in the wild. So usually she just goes to their den area and instigates a little harassment for fun.

Not really against any breeds. I think pit bulls get an unfairly bad-rap because it's the arse holes who ruin it for everyone else, making their dogs nasty. My sister has one and she's the sweetest thing (if a bit overly wound up and hyperactive).

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