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I have a consular shadow jedi. TBH, while I tend towards honoring my word that usually gains light by default, I tend to not want to speak much, be a bit wisecrack or rather curt when my character does speak, and I have little tolerance for
1) mettlers
2) snitchers
3) nosy folks
4) people who drag me into trouble or cause trouble involving me
5) sniveling types
Usually just offing them or whatnot.

What I dislike, though, is that the middle answers, when provided, are either stock answers or unimaginative. Other answers are either full of hubris, presumptuous, or just simply so polarized to light OR dark. And since the voice acting heavily favors heroic and light sided dialog, the dark side dialog sounds overdone, poorly made, or it just plain doesn't make any sense.

While the shared flesh raider mission wasn't *that* much hassle to do 'not dark sided' (cuz I didn't get any LS points), I can understand hurling him into fire for the expedient playthroughs even though it will definitely give DS points that way.

================SPOILER END

I agree on grey sith and jedi plays. But also mind that this tends to be somewhat limiting in gameplay mechanics as you get additional reward for being strongly to one side or the other.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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