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North Eastern Amerika

Jax Tirek, the hero who went by the name Slipstream watched as flames shot up from the ground into the air and began to burn the countless innocents that were trapped int he flames. He focused his vision directly on the man with the red face and shook his head.

It's impossible. Usually someone who dies due to decapitation stays well...decapitated and dead.

He looked down at the burning innocents and his hands clenched into fists. If only he wasn't so badly outnumbered he could have easily put out the flames and rescued everyone. When he had acquired his powers, he had decided that the name Slipstream would be one associated with honor and heroic acts.

Not cowardice.

But he was outnumbered...badly outnumbered and even with his speed it would be a very difficult rescue.

He looked at the man who was supposed to be dead and his mind began to race as a plan came to mind.

Screw it. I don't have much to live for these days anyway. I lost pretty much everything the first time this guy died.

In the blink of an eyes, Slipstream began circling the flames that surrounded the countless innocent people, he was moving fast enough that the air was being channeled out of the area and the flames were quickly dying but so were the people he had decided to save.

Just a few more seconds...
he thought as he continued to snuff out of the flames. He could see the innocents clutching at their throats but it was at that moment that the flames finally died and Slipstream turned his attention to other matters as the air began to rush back into the area that the flames had once occupied.

He slammed into a few of the guards, hoping to grab their attention and he smiled as he came to a stop at the base of the hill. He waved at the Red Skull.

"Well, you seem awfully...alive for someone who was decapitated." He joked as he bolted randomly from spot to spot. "Got any beauty tips for someone who's starting to get up there in age." He asked jokingly as he continued bolting from spot to spot.
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