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Amy could tell that whoever this person was had apparently been gone for a very long time. He seemed genuinely shocked by the news of the death of many of the world's heroes.

"If it makes you feel better...Thor took nearly of his foes with him." She said softly as she remembered what the old man she had once met had told her. "And the ones who survived never came back here. I think they were afraid of Mjolnir and the hope it and Thor's legacy inspired in people."

She was about to reach for Mjolnir when the creature offered it to her but he pulled it back at the last moment and instead offered her his hammer. Her eyes widened in confusion for a moment until he spoke.

"Neither hammer may be lifted by anyone, save for those deemed worthy. They must have valor and honor, be humble and selfless, noble and kind, but above all, willing to do what they must, whether it be slay or die, for those they wish to protect......."

She looked at the hammer and than looked up at the creature holding Mjolnir and she nodded as her eyes narrowed in determination. "I'll prove to you that I'm telling the truth."

"....Take it, and if you be worthy, then you should have nothing to fear,"

Amy took a deep breath. She had lifted Mjolnir. She had trained with it many times but she still didn't have that much experience with it. She didn't know what this new weapon was capable of or if it was rigged to kill her if she couldn't lift it.

No...if these weapons are similar than if I can prove myself maybe I'll finally have a teacher. Someone who can teach me how to harness it's power for the greater good.

She took another deep breath and took the handle of the weapon. It felt...similar to Mjolnir but not quite the same.

She took the offered weapon by the hilt and held it up in front of her. "I...It feels different than Mjolnir." She said quietly. "Similar, but somehow different."
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