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It was often difficult to go back to sleep when suddenly awakening from a dreadful nightmare...if only the people in this forest were dreaming. These people had been dragged from their homes, and all lined up like the good little sheep that they were. Many soldiers stood ever so silently, making the wind the loudest thing in the area when it passed by. It was careful though, as if it too did not wish to come across such a horrible thing.

A woman suddenly spoke up among the mute crowd, pleading with the soldiers to let them go. Her cries went answered...but not by the soldier. The man of the hour himself approached the woman. The Red Skull was certainly someone to be feared, and these people did just that. He was the shepard, and they were now his sheep.

A few feet from him stood another being who was just as quiet as the soldiers. A large purple cape was draped over the figure, covering almost the entire body. Only the domed helmet stuck out, which the being didn't mind in the slightest. A small smile curved on the figure's face. The reason for it was the thought of what these people would see if they were to gaze in that general direction. They would be greeted with their own reflection, and there were high hopes they would do so in their final moments. The second reason was simply due to the fact that no one would see the smile in the first place.

Mysterio watched the next series of events quite intently. The fire that soon smothered these fine folks came as both a welcoming sight and yet another headache. Fire was a beautiful creature when danced with properly. She was elegant and her movements could only be matched with an equal amount of grace. Such a fast movement like this could hardly be enjoyed let alone savored. It was brutal, and quite horrific...a classic mark of the Red Skull. The masked marvel moved towards Red Skull with a calm stride.

"Subtle as usual, aren't we?" Mysterio said with every bit of wit he could fit into that sentence.

No man or woman would dare speak to the Red Skull in such a way. Mysterio was no man or woman though, a soon to be god. With such a title and power to back those words up meant Mysterio feared no back lash from the man. Mysterio had brought down the X-Men, and in turn made a real name for "Mysterio" that day. The domed genius was also aware of this Red Skull's accomplishments. As such his words were not of arrogance or disapproval in his choice. He was simply speaking to the Red Skull as an equal unlike the rest of his soldiers. Mysterio knew how Red Skull viewed people like that, and Mysterio would be no puppet like these soldiers.

"Though I did enjoy the bit with the family reunions, it was a very nice touch" Mysterio added before letting out a light chuckle.
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