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Every time I run through KotOR now, I build a Jedi Guardian. Force Powers are pretty much useless against the bosses + Force Jump is fun. With that in mind, here is what I feel about the various party members:

Carth - Fully Upgraded Cassus Fett's Heavy Blaster + Saul's Sith Assassin Pistol = good supporting damage
Mission Vao - Fully Upgraded Baragwin Ion-X Weapon or Fully Upgraded Jamoh Hogra's Blaster Carbine + Sneak Attack = also good supporting damage. Very good for getting mines (sell them on Yavin IV for double credits) and security. (I usually don't bring her though because the game always prompts me to talk to her, and I don't want to do her broken quest).
HK-47 - Same weapons as Mission, better dialogue and good stats if you repair him.
Jolee - Good support if you're a Jedi Guardian or Sentinel (spam Stasis/Insanity/Wave)
Canderous - I used to always bring this guy just because, when equipped with a fully upgraded Yusanis' Brand, he was devastating. That, and he could take hits. But now that I always go Jedi Guardian or Sentinel, I don't really need his beefiness.
Zalbaar - Zalbaar is like Canderous in that he tanks and hits hard. I don't use him much though for the same reason I don't use Canderous.
Bastila - No.
Juhani - No.
T3-M4 - No

Party Configurations:

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Jedi Guardian/Sentinel
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Jedi Consular
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In short, I like a team with one of everything. A tank that can soak up all the damage while bruising opponents (usually me as a Guardian or Sentinel), a support that has utility (Heal, Valor, Armor, Stasis Field, Insanity, Wave, etc.), and a ranged fighter that can deal damage without receiving any back. Blasters are, unfortunately, weaker than lightsabers and melee weapons - unless they're in the hands of a Mission with a positional advantage. However, I prefer having characters that use blasters mainly because they're the better characters (Carth + HK-47 > Bastila + Juhani).

Party Member Quests:
(in no particular order)
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