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I would usually go 10 Strength and 10 Constitution and instead spam points into Dexterity. But because Soldiers have Fortitude and little Reflex, Dexterity doesn't work as well for them as they do for other classes. This is why I usually don't go Soldiers and choose Scouts or Scoundrels instead - Dexterity helps you hit with lightsabers and gives you Reflex, which allows you to dodge. I don't remember having Constitution ever higher than 10, and now I do the same for Strength - mainly because items and lightsaber crystals can amplify your damage enough. But all this rambling doesn't apply as much with Soldiers because, as I said, their Fortitude > Reflex. For your build, I would only go 10 Dexterity; your Constitution and Fortitude are high enough where you have enough Health and Defense to soak damage - making Reflex a waste of points.

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