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had 6 beers i guess at the casino. it was a good time, though the buzz wore off rather fast. only "lost" $10. haha. 5 coors light drafts and 1 yuengling draft funny how beer used to turn my stomach now it is same as drinking a soda. wtf lol

chilled with my girl the last few days, sucks that she's moving to cali so idk how long distance relationship is going to work or not, just being cool about it she's been fun to hang out with the last 2 days i been back. real help to getting reacquainted with the area without that 'all alone' feeling i was somewhat expecting. we just been joking around and stuff idk if it will end up a serious relationship or not but whatever i have too many good things going that if it doesn't work out it won't be 'end it all'

i love the cold weather here lol i can breathe again!!!!!!!! (cold weather= any temp below 80 degrees with no humidity!)

Battle is a pure form of expression. It is heart and discipline, reduced to movement and motion. In battle, the words are swept away, giving way to actions-- mercy, sacrifice, anger, fear. These are pure moments of expression.
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