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Xandros continued following the Cathar dark jedi as he heard Onashi grunt. "Don't worry Onashi, we're heading for the Hawk right now. Just try and recover your strength before we get back to the Hawk."

Are you and the girl all right moi chroi?

We're at the Hawk right now. She sent back to Tavaryn. Just waiting on you and the others.

"Perhaps you should talk to her."

Alriana looked down at the cathar child and got down on one knee next to her and put a smile on her face. "Don't worry, as soon as the others get here we'll be getting out of here. You'll be safe with us on the Ackbar."


"We'd also need a way onto the planet. Freighters are too big to get through the fleet in orbit. We'd need something smaller, like an X-38, fitted with a cloaking device."

Belina took a deep breath. "The Resistance fleet can provide a distraction while the strike team sneaks through the fleet. When will this operation be taking place?" She asked. "Because before we do anything, we need to bring quite a few of the fleet's ships in for repairs. Hopefully my ambassador's will be returning soon, hopefully with reinforcements."
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