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Hey there!

Last year I came and said I had a problem with the game. I'd like to thank those who pointed out that TSLRCM conflicted with it, it went much smoother after I took care of that.

Anyways, I finished playing through the demo, and it's AMAZING. The voice acting is spot on for Bastilla and Bao-Dur, and great with others. I love the music, too! However, I've noticed that the journal entries and item descriptions are... lesser than the rest of the game. I'm not saying that as criticism, I know you've been working on this for nearly 5 years now and the text was probably one of the last things on your mind.

I'm not a skilled modder, but I'd like to help out. If you want, I could write the journal entries and item descriptions. If you've already got someone who's gonna take care of that later, then it's ok, but if you need a hand for that, just lemme know, ok?

To all those who've been working on this so far, great job! I'm pretty sure this is the largest KotOR mod that's ever been made (Or is being made!), and it takes a lot of patience to work on something this long.
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