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Originally Posted by Mewgen View Post
So here's my experience with the iPad mods & editors.


For textures and mods to work, they must all be in LOWERCASE lettering for the iPad to register the mod in /Override directory. So far I have changed robe textures, lightsaber & robe models to 'movie style'. I've even managed to use the 'start as jedi' mods w/o issues.

The KSE 3.33 save editor does work perfectly. But, you must install Kotor on your PC first for it to run properly. You must also install whatever mods you have on your iPad to PC. You can access your /Save directory using iFunbox w/o Jailbreak. Make sure you transfer the actual folder such as "000002 - Game1" for the editor to work properly.

Game plays great (w/ mods) and I'm geeking out from all the nostalgia.
So miraculously I found my old KoToR disk. Running into an issue with the editor. I make my changes, save and copy the data back onto the I-pad via IFunBox. However, it doesn't seem to recognize any of the changes at all. I've tried re-openning the modded file in the editor - it recognizes all the changes I made previously. The game, however, does not. Any thoughts?
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