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heh finally got my futon together!!!!!!! celebrated with a few hours of Battlefield 3 Premium on my ****in awesome 40"'s...too...beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! having some relationship problems...but not giving a **** has helped me get through that...meh. wish she wasnt such a user. i took a wrong turn on the road (its been a while since i drove out here) and she got on my case about it so i said 'want to walk?' basically get told i'm a ****ty boyfriend. #postdeploymentproblems #notgivingadamn #alcoholismybestfriend

went to NYC yesterday, wore my 'free men don't ask permission to bear arms' shirt, got one guy that liked it, another guy wanted to go ape**** on me for sporting 2nd amendment that i ****ing serve for. ****ing trayvon martin lmao. i wasnt about to fight him and get locked up.

met my new roommate, he's also in the national guard. so good to have brothers and sisters in arms...

getting blacklist tomorrow i think...i also got a wireless keyboard and mouse since i can hook this laptop to my hdtv, will make playing SWTOR more exciting i think.

nephew is getting bigger, he's 3 next week and knows his abc's and numbers. very smart kid. we went to chuck e cheese for his birthday party well me and my parents went there, and i made him go on the slide like 50 times because he would not sit still running around the place lol.

getting papers signed for Federal Tuition Assistance tomorrow, that with EAP and Post 9/11 GI Bill and unemployment on top of it i wont have to work a ****ty job while attending school. awesome.

one thing im finding hard to do is purchase food...i only ate once today at like 10am then was wondering why i was feeling headachey/feverish around 830pm, not to mention i went running and put the futon together between 11 and 8.....was starving!

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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