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Okay. Just out of curiosity, how do we get her out of their computer system?

Tavaryn blinked a bit and gave a pat to the Cathar Jedi, "Put me down."

Tavaryn had heard Alriana's message and gave a slight smile. He winced as his feet touched and rubbed his side. It had stopped bleeding for the moment so it was okay. He gave a look of respect at the Cathar and walked over to the computer console. He took stock of the situation and knew they had to hurry. "Tara."

Tara appeared on the screen and gave a slight flirtatious grin, "You sure know how to keep a girl waiting Onashi."


"Station's defenses are active in the hangar bay. Sith troopers are heading that way. Structural integrity is dropping in more than 40% of all decks."

Tavaryn made a slight face. That was perfect. "Is there a console in the hangar bay?" He turned to explain to Xandros, "Tara has control of station functions. If I yank her now we might as well be toast."

"I already have the terminal ready. You just got to make it. Unfortunately structural collapse has occurred in the path the others have taken. Plotting alternate route and uploading."

A datapad popped out and Tavaryn took it. It plotted their route and looked there might be some climbing and other stuff involved. No rest for the weary. "Alright. I guess you'll be one step ahead of us?"

"Always LT. May the Force be with you." The AI looked at the three before disappearing.

Tavaryn sighed a bit more from the injury, "Alright. We better go."


The Sith troopers managed to open the door. They started filing in while shooting. Jun-la did what she could to deflect while taking a cover position. She would take down the ones that got past the guns and the hangar defenses which activated. She said, "Hangar has been breached Kalla. Take down what you can."

The comm when active, Hangar defenses are online.


If we succeed in using the network to expose it, the Sith Soldiers will turn on their Masters almost immediately. That'll introduce an unstable element into the equation. They could continue fighting us, turn on each other, or simply stand down. It's impossible to know for sure.

"But it does sound more like colony hierarchies. When a leader falls, the drones turn on each other. We can give the option of surrender but if they resist, should be easy to take out," Tariq commented.

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