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Zarev's alive. I'm alive. Voleran has been defeated. Still, all is not well... These thoughts ran through her mind as she at last conquered her bouts of slipping in and out of unconsciousness. Summoning all of her willpower, she clung to the metal walls of the ship and hoisted herself to a standing position. "Hmm. My legs still work..." Stumbling for a moment, she caught her balance and looked around again. "I'm still aboard the Shan, and I have a lot of catching up to do." Gingerly, she walked toward where she thought the others were, but something sharp, a twinge of unease, still tingled in the back of her mind. "Mind control," she said a little louder, her voice a croak. "Could this...thing...have gotten me already, when I blacked out? Is it capable of possessing unconscious beings?"
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