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"Velox is the only name I can recall. As I said before, things before my time with the sith are a blur."

Avriela smiled down at him. "Let me know if you have any memories of your time before the sith. And if you ever need someone to talk to than just let me know." She said.

"Mind control," she said a little louder, her voice a croak. "Could this...thing...have gotten me already, when I blacked out? Is it capable of possessing unconscious beings?"

Zarev slowly limped into the room after having regained consciousness. His eyes were bloodshot and he was still in very bad shape.

"He can't." Zarev muttered. "After I threw myself off the Republic HQ on Balmorra I was close enough to death that I was able to actually speak to my old Master. He told me what this thing's goal is and defenses we can use against his mind control abilities. I learned a lot about this thing including that it's very existence is causing massive disturbances in the force on planets all around the galaxy."

"That's how it gained so much strength. It caused disturbances in the force and the force users who investigated these disturbances weren't prepared for it. They fell under it's sway. It learned more and more as more fell under it's sway and thats how it became as strong as it did. With each person that fell under it's sway, it became stronger."
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