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Originally Posted by MsFicwriter View Post
Somewhere I read that Kreia was Chris Avellone's attempt to flesh out his "beefs" with the Star Wars universe. Am I insane? Was this only a figment of my imagination? If not, where can I read this [article] again?
No, she represented the Anti-Jedi. Basically, she showed how the world in star wars shouldn't/isn't as black and white as the sith and jedi make it to look. Avellone used her to create a more dynamic Dark Side/Light side dichotomy.

Also, if you're a Dark Side Exile and you choose to remain on Malachor V, letting the planet remain intact, then what? Do you keep on trying to feed off of Force Sensitives and the galaxy? Do you continue your attempts to wound the Force and make more echoes? With the Sith Triumvirate dead, who can possibly defeat you in these goals?
Presumably you're awaiting the arrival of the true sith. That ending wasn't exactly well thought out and we just assume it's out to our imaginations

You're shown hurling Kreia's dead body into the Trayus Core in the Dark Side ending, but what happens to her corpse if you're Light Side? Do you carry it with you on the Ebon Hawk so you can give her a proper burial on some other planet, or cremate her instead?
No, her death was cut due to time constraints. In both endings she died by falling into the core
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