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Originally Posted by catch6229 View Post
are there any good save-game editors that would work just with the I-pad version of the saved games? I used to have this game on PC Eons ago, but no longer do. However, from Ifunbox I can port the saves - but the primary available save game editor (latest version of it I see is 3.3.3) requires an install of the actual game. As in, you can't just edit a saved game file.

I'm new and not a modder at all. Love the game, but would love to be able to tweak my saves a bit.
Originally Posted by Mewgen View Post
The KSE 3.33 save editor does work perfectly. But, you must install Kotor on your PC first for it to run properly. You must also install whatever mods you have on your iPad to PC. You can access your /Save directory using iFunbox w/o Jailbreak. Make sure you transfer the actual folder such as "000002 - Game1" for the editor to work properly.
Originally Posted by catch6229 View Post
Megwen. Is there any way to install KoTor on your PC without having to re-purchase it? I already bought it on the I-pad, I'd hate to spend extra cash on a PC copy which i won't use, just so I could use the editor to mod a save game.
Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Sorry but there is not. While I'm here I also feel the need to add that there is no cheat console which hurts many mods. But yes Bos:sr works perfect!
As far as I know, you should be able to simulate a KotOR install by manually creating the relevant Windows registry keys. I remember having problems with KSE and Kotor Tool detecting my installs of KotOR and TSL properly, and having to recreate the proper path registry keys, which fixed the problems.

Interestingly, while both games are installed in my computer atm, the registry keys seem to be absent. I'll try reinstall/fiddle around with it to find the correct registry values for you guys to try.

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