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That feeling when you see a thread you don't remember you made.

Ok...well, playing as the inquisitor's class mirror, I can say it has been a blast so far as a first MMO experience albeit piggy backing on my roomie's acct.

Currently a lv 15 Jedi Consular > Shadow.

This specialization is really versatile. It has as much to do with up close combat as it does ranged with powers, and using wits and powers to influence situations, being the kind of head person looking at the larger picture of things.

I'm curently doing the Kinetic Combat, or I guess tanking route. It's a hard and thankless job for a role as I understand (thank you Noxxic and several guide vids) but if makes one popular enough to do reruns through flashpoints and collect rare items from it in a shorter period of time, hey, I'm cool.

Kind of odd being stealth and yet changing to tanking and being overt. I will put some points into DPS abilities once I reach certain numbers (beyond which is diminishing returns). That way I am adequately soaking up damage and holding aggro, or dealing some damage if/when need be.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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