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RSS Ackbar, War Room

"If we succeed in using the network to expose it, the Sith Soldiers will turn on their Masters almost immediately. That'll introduce an unstable element into the equation. They could continue fighting us, turn on each other, or simply stand down. It's impossible to know for sure."

"But it does sound more like colony hierarchies. When a leader falls, the drones turn on each other. We can give the option of surrender but if they resist, should be easy to take out,"

" "Depending on what happens, I think the majority of the fleet should be held back while a small battle group keeps the sith in orbit busy. If things get bad, we can easily pull in the rest of the fleet. And there's no telling what will happen if they choose not to surrender. They may fight to the death."


"Alright. We better go."

"Lets just get to the hanger as quickly as possible." Xandros said as he ignited his lightsaber with Varith doing the same. "The sooner we get there the sooner we can grab Tara and leave before the station collapses."

A large piece of debris followed by a large section of the ceiling collapsed behind them and Varith pointed forward. "Time to go. Now." He said.
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