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Originally Posted by MortytheGobbo View Post
Nope. The computer 'thinks' for a moment - the waiting icon shows up next to the mouse pointer - but nothing happens. And unfortunately, I have restarted my computer in-between attempts, which didn't work.
I got this from here, so you might try it and let me know how it goes:

For Those Who Can't Open It: Just so you all know, if you can't open the KSE, I found out that if you have installed a mod that messed with the dialog.tlk and spells.2da file, and if you ever uninstalled your game and re-installed it, the KSE will not work in any game since you needed to make a back up of the dialog.tlk file. You will have to re-install your mods that modify the dialog.tlk file. The simple way of getting around it is to make sure that KSE can't read your override folder by renaming it temporarily or renaming your spells.2da file temporarily. Just do something to make sure that the spells.2da file is not being read by the KSE.

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