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KOTOR III: Reckoning


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Twenty-five years after MEETRA SURIK defeated DARTH TRAYA upon the Sith world of Malachor V, the Jedi Order is slowly being rebuilt. On Dantooine, new Padawans and Knights are being trained in order to defend and protect the galaxy.

One of these, an apprentice of the Miraluka VISAS MARR, discovers a mysterious artifact hidden among ruins long left untouched. Through the Force, she unwittingly discovers what DARTH TRAYA had long ago - manuscripts of the ancient and pure-blooded Sith. As the Padawan studies, she uncovers several dark truths, none more ominous than this one:

The True Sith, once lords of the galaxy, are returning to call it to account.


"Padawan Venn? Would you come here, please?"

Statira, who had been upgrading her training saber with a focus crystal on a workbench, snapped to attention and turned to Visas Marr, a Miraluka. "Yes, Master?" Even though she knew that Visas couldn't see her through ordinary means, the Jedi-in-training saluted and stepped toward her. "What is it?"

"I sense a disturbance in the Force. As I have been meditating, the sheer agony of lost life has unnerved me. Twenty-five years ago, three other Masters were slain by one of my former...traveling companions. It is their voices I hear as I sit with veiled eyes and bowed head. They're crying out to be heard, for no one since Darth Traya and the Exile have done so since."

Shuddering, Visas' apprentice asked: "What are they saying?"

"They keep screaming one word over and over: Look! Even via the Force, through which I perceive the world, I can see nothing. I have inquired of the Masters about the object of my search, but have not received an answer. It is as if each of them is in a place of torture and cannot escape. I would like for you to continue meditating with me, and see if you can speak to them. They should have become one with the Force, but they have not."
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