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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Along those lines, didn't Mass Effect 3 have some crazy high number in the thousands of dollars because they made certain DLC only available with $100 action figures?

Even better, for a lot of that content it seems all you are paying for is an unlock code, as it is already included in the game files. Plus the fact that SR4 is already just re-purposed DLC for SR3 sold at full price makes it even more galling.
While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I can definitely agree about the re-purposed DLC thing. I do debate that, often. It definitely FEELS like a standalone expansion pack, given the re-used assets such as Steelport, guns, outfits etc. but it makes a lot of it work (with the whole thing being a simulation) and considering how much I enjoyed the game it's hard to put it down too much for it.

And yes I remember looking at the action figures with the exclusive DLC, totally ridiculous, sometimes.
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