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Rogue15, well, as we speak here in Russia "ot is stick with two sides". From one side conscription service for everybody is sucks, but from the other side we have more than 80% of men older than 30 taught to operate with weapons. It let us to have extremely large mobilization reserve and be able to face any enemy. When people understand it, then it is not sucks. Freedom through duty, it is Russian way.

And, i still hope that Obama will reverse his machine. NATO now risking to ignite all Middle East, because of if USA and Brits will attack Syria, then Iran will imminently join the war on Syrian side, smashing Saudi Arabiya and Qatar. Then Lebanon will join too, striking on Israel. Syria itself has pretty advanced armed forces, equipped with some of later Russian weapon. And don't forget about how Russia and China will react.

Actually i now afraid only one thing. If Moscow will afraid and make a step back, then it will be last war for the USA, because of your guys will sink in Middle East like in swamp, and there will be nobody who will be able to pull your guys out.

Hard to say. I have mixed feeling about all of it. Hope everything will be Ok.

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