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Folding her legs underneath her in the classic lotus position, Statira Venn closed her eyes and began to meditate. At first, she found it hard to concentrate because of her apprehension. Visas Marr hadn't mentioned a simple "disturbance in the Force", one that was perhaps caused by an approaching crowd of pilgrims, but one that was borne of excruciating pain and death. Why does my Master believe that I can help her with this? I'm only a Padawan, and - gaaaahhhh -

"Look. Look. Look. Look." Within her mind, three male voices screamed this single word. Statira wanted to clap her hands over her ears, but her conscious and logical mind told her that there was nothing of sonic substance to avoid. As they continued shrieking in agony, the young Jedi apprentice felt herself tumbling down a steep incline, landing with a thud against a locked door. It appeared to be far older than any of the other entrances to the Jedi Enclave, which had been rebuilt after the Sith Triumvirate's defeat.

The door was unique, with a lock pattern that was made of intertwining columns of stone. What did it symbolize? In her studies, she'd never been taught of this particular formation. Even though she was being trained as a Jedi Sentinel, skilled in the particulars of security and safety protocols, Statira had never encountered it. In her mind's eye, she saw her thin, pale hand touch the door and manipulate the nearly-crumbling columns. Up above, as if through a thick veil of cotton, the three voices of the dead Masters howled.

Shocked and horrified, Statira was jolted out of her meditative trance.

"I...I saw..." She could say nothing more, but traced the pattern of the mechanism on the floor with her finger. "There's a locked door I must open."

"In the Enclave? How strange." Statira continued to relate her vision to Visas, who remarked: "I know exactly where this door is, but it has never been breached since the days of Darth Traya. She came here, and perhaps she engaged the lock to hide her dark and evil secrets. We should find this entrance together, but also take someone else with us. You and I are not the best fighters in the Enclave, but Dalren Xelros is definitely getting there."

Statira was puzzled. "You think there could be enemies locked in an archive?"

"You never know. A Jedi, or Sith, trance can protect one from starvation..."
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