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got my haircut, ran around the lake, took shower.....and suddenly depression slams me in the face.

and it doesnt help that my mom trolls my facebook page. or at least it seems that way.

part of my current "depression" is due to the fact my ex or girlfriend or whatever moved to california...there's one girl i'm talking to on that lame ass site but she lives about an hour away, and isn't as attractive but likes the same things i do, but isn't showing enough interest in me.

oh and another thing that has me down is my car being a bitch to me.

anyways onto the positives...

humidity is going away
i got enough money to do whatever the **** i want
video games on a beautiful tv
paid awesome money to go to school
i have good friends who want to hang out with me
my parents love me
i can run outside without inhaling sand
preworkout makes me feel awesome

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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