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Dalren was forced to duck under the training saber once again and almost was hit by his Master's open palm strike only to bend backward to avoid the strike. He rose up and jumped backward as his Master tried to hit him with another palm strike.

"Going on the offensive Master?" He asked as he narrowly dodged another palm strike and ducked to the side as the training saber nearly hit his shoulder.

"In the heat of battle there is no telling what may happen or what tactics your enemy may use." She answered as she switched to a defensive stance as Dalren went on the offensive and used one of his sabers to block the training saber and the other to try and go on the offensive.

Just as Dalren was getting close to finally get through his Master's guard she deactivated the training saber and saw her motion for him to do the same. "What's going on?"

Brianna looked towards the entrance of the room. "Master Marr and her padawan are approaching. I believe they may wish to speak with us."
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