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"but I've sensed a dire disturbance in the Force. The ghosts of this Enclave are coming back to haunt us, and the concentration of their pain seems to be beneath this very facility. I intend to send Statira on a mission to the underbelly of it, through corridors long since abandoned. Still, I will not send her alone, and request accompaniment for her. Dalren? Are you willing to undertake this mission?"

Statira glanced at Visas, who gave her a nod and permission to continue. "Master Marr knows that I'm not the most skilled Padawan in combat, and she's afraid there might be hostile foes down where she's sending me. Other than laigreks and kinrath, I don't know what those could be, but we hope it's not..."

"Sith," her Master finished. "I do not sense them, but perhaps my awareness is clouded by the Dark Side of the Force. I ask you again: Will you accept?"

Dalren answered without hesitation. The Jedi order had saved his life and presented before him now was a chance to repay the order by doing what he did best: Defending others.

"I will accept this mission and promise that I will do my best to return Statira as soon as the mission is complete." He said as he grabbed his twin sabers from where he had set them down earlier and placed the training sabers on a table. He clipped the twin lightsabers to his belt and smiled.

"When do you wish to go?" He asked as he reached out through the force to try and sense any hostiles that could be present."
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