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ughghghgh roommates that live downstairs ****ed up the i'm off to the mother ****ing laundrymat so i have gym clothes for tonight. fml. haha pretty sure i fixed it, threw it on spin cycle while i had my clothes washing at the laundrymat...almost was dumb enough to pay to have them dried there, but remembered...derrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! the dryer still works, ****ing idiot.

not sure what else i'm going to do today...italian fest is going on still, but it's misery outside, humid as **** (missing kuwait, no humidity or rain) and nobody to go there with cause they're all at work or have plans with family.

but eh, i cleaned up my room pretty good and my two 32 cases of water and a gym towel (sweating profusely sucks). next stop i think will be italian fest cause i didnt eat anything today...then after that i'll come home and get my clothes out of the dryer and head over to lake scranton for a 3.5 mile run, come home and shower do some algebra problems and read some of my psych or sociology book then play some video games til 10pm then go to the gym.

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