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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
The other ex dumped me and soon after found another guy and married him.

The last ex is manipulating, and only can now get attention by complaining about all her medical problems.

Don't care for them, not playing the manipulative games they enjoy
This. And this. Also this.

She claimed the marriage was meaningless, done only for immigration purposes. When I pointed out this directly contradicted what she had told her mother, and was related on to me, she claimed that it had to "look real" or she would face deportation. And that if I really knew her, I'd know that she'd have great reason for doing what she did, and maybe she's better off without me, since I clearly didn't understand.

The "better off" without each other I'm currently finding it impossible to disagree with...

But whatever... it still doesn't make up for the facts that:
1.) It's been almost a year since I've had any direct news from her, other than telling me she was on death's door, and her serious, serious health issues might take her any day, week, month from now;
2.) She got married (for whatever reasons...) 3 months after leaving and let that news drop in my lap a total surprise;
3.) She's still 5,000+ miles away, behind an international border crossing, and;
4.) I've moved on mentally... knowing she was forever lost to me, I've had to come to terms with it, and set my sights on the future. With women around here I might actually have a chance with.

I'm not really sure how she expected me to react to her getting in touch at this point. Did she think I was just sitting by the computer, waiting on word from her, hoping to patch things up and work around several pretty impossible barriers? That I completely understood what she did and was ready to forgive and forget after her leaving me in the dark for a year of confusion, mourning, anger, frustration, and self-regrets for ever letting myself be led down that path to begin with?

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