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Some questions about tanking in TOR.

As a Consular Shadow in the defense/Kinetic Combat tree, I find it very curious will is the predominant stat while endurance is the least important. (Source Noxxic.)

I'd have thought a damage absorber was supposed to have lots of health and durability?

Also, is this tank build more for single big enemies? Cuz I've tried a heroic 4 mission and kept getting fried against mobs.

Is it better vs ranged or melee?

I also don't have any aggro pullers like taunts yet (Lv 17...actually just turned 18 after the heroic). And it's largely a thankless duty. lolz

I realize tanking is the hardest role in the game but I'm determined to get good at it. So I'm a bit stumped here. Just seems a little counter-intuitive.

I'm more like a stealth DPS meelee and mid ranged. I've been told I won't get any noticeable tanking tricks to use until a bit later. So do I just serve as a stealth/DPS/Tank mix?

Thanks in advance.

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