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i almost walked out of a class today...the professor in sociology asked if anyone knew where Syria was, of course only me and the other vet in the room knew, and someone was like 'isnt that in egypt?'

anyway i got home and preregistered for castle conquest paintball even for the 28th and 29th of this month. pretty excited, also registered my friend who then told me after i said just pay me the 40 back when u get a chance, he was like 'well im not sure...' like really? grow a ****ing pair of testicles bro......damn, what else do you got going on? you're single and living at home at the great age of 29, go out and have fun with us. damn. he makes me so mad sometimes. but whatever...if he ends up not going, i'll be annoyed. lol

little excited about tonight, going to have some fun probably embarrass myself and laugh or idk i'll probably take a preworkout before hand so i feel more confident. it's excitement. and a feat, that is if the date shows up...

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