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Update Time

So, I've got the TSLPatcher sorted out. I hadn't used it in such a long time, I forgot that there are settings in the changes.ini file that help it find the correct directory or ask for user input. Now it works so that it will add a script to Juhani's dlg file and it fires on the Ebon Hawk. Her Luggage will show up in the room with her, and it contains the two lightsabers and the two outfits.

I've also included a secondary script (manually replace during install) that also adds Juhani's Sanctuary Threads to the luggage. You'll need to download and install ChAiNz's mod first (there are instructions in the read me) since our mod doesn't include his files. At least I've tried to make it compatible

I've sent the files to Quanon, and we will be testing it, maybe making some uti edits along the way. We're getting closer...

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