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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
The campaign mode may be a cross between Civilization and Paradox's games, but the battles are what make Total War games unique. It's a bit surprising that it's been a decade since TCA has been doing this and no one has even attempted something similar.
Eidos and Pyro Studios tried with Imperial Glory (even with 3d naval battles 3 years before Empire released) but it was let down by lack of morale and poor AI.

As for this game, graphics issues and bugs aside, I'm not terribly impressed so far.
  • The battles are far too quick - and most degenerate into a swirling ball of doom as the AI only seems to charge towards you with little thought, and my own units degenerate into an undisciplined mob as soon as they make contact with the enemy.
  • Naval battles seemed fun at first, but I'm wondering what the point of having a fleet is when your legion can automatically board ships free of charge and without penalty - I knew legionaries carried a lot in their packs, but I don't remember reading about them carrying oars, or even masts.
  • Diplomacy is retarded. Your neighbours rarely make any sensible offers, instead it seems the ancient - instead I'm being asked by my weaker neighbours for amounts of money that always seem to be just a fraction short of exactly what's in my treasury.
  • The UI is hideously clunky and ridiculously obtrusive, and where the hell is guard mode?
  • The fact that I can't move small forces between settlements or to watch over safer parts of my Empire without having to use one of my limited, named General slots annoys me.
  • There's a reason for favouring bows over javelins and slings. It's called range. Giving all ranged units the same range makes a joke of this.
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