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"Yes Master. The dueling annex is one of my favorite places in the temple to be honest. I was assigned to assist Statira should the need arise during our mission."

He nodded, "I happen to be a fan of it as well. It's good for keeping your skills sharp."

"Have I met you before, or seen you around? I'd better warn you: not even I have been able to open that door, though I've certainly tried."

"Not even you?", he mocked, "It would be wise to eliminate that self-absorbed attitude of yours quickly."

"And no, we've never met. But Master Marr has spoken highly of you on several occasions."

"So...if I may ask what are you doing here?"

Icarus paused for a moment. Another idea had popped into his head. He ignited his double-bladed lightsaber and carved a man-sized hole into the door.

"Opening the door.", he responded casually, turning off the lightsaber.

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