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Wink So good to hear ...

Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Wow. That took... longer than expected. After having some life stuff come up and take away a week or so, I was then busy for another week. After that, it took a while to get everything configured and make sure I had all my stuff back.

Long story short, what was supposed to take a weekend to do took about a month... ugh.

Anyway, with my computer situation out of the way I can now resume work on Dantooine Tension! Hooray! (Keep in mind though I'm also a member of K1R and I have a couple secret projects I'm working on as well, so I won't be at full steam ahead, but I'll try to come pretty darn close.)
You ready to take profit of the new box, then??

just focus on Dustil Restoration first please, first things first right??

keep up the IMPRESSIVE modding

P.S. videocard of this new rig of yours? same as before to keep running Kotor series, probably??

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