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"HK-47 has always been one of my favourite KOTOR characters, but I've never liked the brown colour scheme. I was inspired by PROXY's design in TFU to reskin him. He now has grey and grey-purple plating, as well as yellow eyes, more wires, and "electricity" things near his hips.

Also, would it be considered porting to use this for TSL (this was made using the KOTOR 1 skin)? The TSL version basically just has a few colour changes, which this skin completely redos. If it is porting, I'll make a TSL version."

This seems more like an Hk-50 model, in my opinion since i feel an essential feature of hk-47 is, (he says this a couple of times in the first and second game I think correct me if i'm wrong) is his color, he is supposed be something like a rust-crimson or a faded blood color, I never like how brown it was though, I agree it looks really nice by the way.
I feel as if changing the lighter grey you used for the face area, the kneecap tops, and the chest in the two larger stripes (i think there's a few others but those are the main areas i see) to a slight red grey to make sure his color mention is correct.

You could also make the kneecaps, head except the faceplate, stomache area and the darker areas, bordering on black be a shade of red.

P.S. I don't think it's necessary, but that's my feedback thanks for reading.
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