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So for this, would there be a way to bypass it using a computer panel in the Ebon Hawk switching between more than one of those party screen selection things (so in example, you have your original with atton, bao-dur, mandalore, Handmaiden/desciple, kreia, visas, Hk-47, Mira/hanharr, Goto, t3-m4. then either go to it and pick what player you would want to replace, say Kreia to Dumdum and then vise versa when you want to use kreia again. or just switch to a new page with all new characters)


Have it so when you don't highlight a crew member on the selection screen you click the add/remove button to flip between pages, then all you'd need to do is make it so you can have it so you don't have to highlight a player, is that possible at all?

I'm new and i also have a question i just thought of while typing this, is it possible to make it so you have random npc's on the ship that you can talk to (such as a trader you pick up somewhere or an engineer[pointless in these games, but what ev's] who increases efficiency of the Ebon hawk or improves the weapons or something, random drifters, refugees and stuff, like just to have people who you can drop of on any planet or who will leave your ship at some random time, to make the ship feel more like a living command center/Living space. With that idea, an expansion idea to it comes to mind comes to mind where you ferry some people to establish small shops or colonies (such as on Korriban) and extra quests for geeda or ondorin (to evil one) to ferry them to actually make connections for their shop in person, then set them back down on nar shadaa.

P.S.Q. Is it possible to add planets to the galaxy map and planets to either game?
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