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Questions: 1)would it be possible to make a crew member (such as kreia or visas) not always meditate, have them have a primary and secondary location, so they meditate in the normal place, but then (maybe after enough entering the ships or something) have a 1/32-1/8% chance of being in their secondary location or even a third location?
2) would it be possible to have a mock fight/training between characters such as visas and handmaiden fighting in the cargo hold at times or atton training up with bao-dur

Suggestions if that is possible: 1) Have Mira's primary location be the med lab, have her secondary as that cargo area thing she was originally
2)(this next section i like to call: If possible) Have Visas' secondary position be fighting handmaiden in the cargo hold
3) Have bao-dur and atton fighting in the engine room or the work station area.
4) Have Madalore fight handmaiden, visas, atton, bao-dur and anyone else i'm forgetting to give the impression he is a warrior who wants to keep his skill sharp with multiple places for him to be.
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