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I suppose I never did give my review of the novel.

Obviously, typical of Star Wars fare, it's casual fun reading for the rest of us. The intellectual literary critic who isn't already a fan of star wars will find little here for their tastes. I'm pretty sure Drew Karpyshyn said he wasn't in it for any big worldwide literary awards. He does it for the fun of it. If these novels aren't fun to some people *shrug* whatever floats their boat. If hating on them and us fans is your thing...seems like a kind of masochistic way of getting recognition, but hey, do it if it makes you happy. No malice here.

Now then. Honestly I cannot really give much more than a catch-22 review. On the one hand, the writing was on the wall with SWTOR in development already by the time this novel was being written so this story really had nowhere else it could go. On the other hand, even as it was it still seemed kind of bare. The flip side is no unnecessary filler.

Also as a Tie-in connection story, I found that I wasn't as excited about it as I had been for the author's Darth Bane novel trilogy. Tie-ins usually aren't known for being the greatest. However, I do not blame the author for this.

Did it achieve what it set out to do? Yes. He tried not to screw anything up which I am thankful for. Tried not to be too intrusive onto the gameplay outcomes and simply go from established canon.

Brought things down to a more realistic level. The characters weren't invincible mega gods. It was more believable.

Filled in that 5 year period between the two games a bit, and it held my interest.

He even bothered to include
Show spoiler
Shows a good character contrast as a function of time. Though I think the author unintentionally reveals a bit about his implicit geopolitical world views using certain terms and contexts. Or maybe that's just me.

Also brought the Mandalore arc in TSL along nicely. Better than I imagined, actually. This judging from my perspective that I'm comparing to myself.

He did give acknowledgments to KOTOR 1 companion characters and their fates. I did like that.

Apparently I'm afraid to have my own opinion, being that I'm a SW So then...

The Jedi Exile: Ok, I'm admittedly biased because I actually liked her in the second game even more than Revan in the first (Sorry DK!), and I loved Revan.
This story doesn't do her justice. Not because of the ending she got, but the overall story. For implying she was Sourge's equal in combat, she sure didn't seem very badass. I mean she rebelled from the Order to go fight a war and direct it as a General. In this story she didn't seem like someone who had been through what we saw in TSL. Lacking stoicism maybe. Did she follow Revan before? Yes, however I recall her being just a bit more bold, strong, and opinionated as a character. Seemed like she was more of a tag-along follower, than the Exile I knew. Alas, there may be dialog character choices that support this, I don't know for sure.
While I see that the author was trying to not step on gameplay in other ways and canon (hence he did not outline her fighting style, whereas Scourge used lightsaber from VII Juyo), did she really have to be so muted overall? She was closer to a plot device to put Revan in the MMO.

Emperor Vitiate seems similar to Nihilus, though there are distinctions made to differentiate them from each other. Of this trope in particular, I can see other characters from different fiction stories who actually bear many similarities to these two. It really isn't anything too terribly new when you think about it.
Nemesis of Odyssey: Legend of nemesis. Several iterations of Dracula. Warlocks. All following the theme of an abominable being consuming life or energy around them and their pull getting bigger and threatening to consume the known multiverse. Characters who must be stopped for whatever reason.

Drew Karpyshyn did alter the Exile's lightsaber color from a previously "established" cyan to blue, and Gave Revan a green lightsaber (among all the others he's had and one he was yet to have). Considering he did similar with Darth bane's lightsaber (hilt and color), I'm beginning to think it's just his style to shake it up a bit on tiny details. I kinda like it, actually.

Meetra Surik...The Exile's name. Not the kind of name I'd have chosen but it could be either male or female. Guess it had to be done.

Scourge seems like an understandable character, and yet I think I should be wary of him in-game.

All in all I'm thankful to this author for having made KOTOR what it was. This is about as close to a KOTOR 3 as we'll get unless we count SWTOR. Then THAT is the closest to a KOTOR 3 we'll get. Whatever the case.

It was a good story and perhaps only right that the character's creator brought the suspense to an end and revealed Revan's fate. It wasn't exactly how I would have done it and everyone is different with their own ways and opinions.

As for what happened to revan in SWTOR...DK said now that he's left EA BioWare that although we see and to an extent play a role in what ultimately became of Revan, the door is open in the future apparently for his "possible" return. Probably nothing yet. This coming from Drew himself. We'll see.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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