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Originally Posted by DuckfromPortal View Post
Questions: 1)would it be possible to make a crew member (such as kreia or visas) not always meditate, have them have a primary and secondary location, so they meditate in the normal place, but then (maybe after enough entering the ships or something) have a 1/32-1/8% chance of being in their secondary location or even a third location?
2) would it be possible to have a mock fight/training between characters such as visas and handmaiden fighting in the cargo hold at times or atton training up with bao-dur

Suggestions if that is possible: 1) Have Mira's primary location be the med lab, have her secondary as that cargo area thing she was originally
2)(this next section i like to call: If possible) Have Visas' secondary position be fighting handmaiden in the cargo hold
3) Have bao-dur and atton fighting in the engine room or the work station area.
4) Have Madalore fight handmaiden, visas, atton, bao-dur and anyone else i'm forgetting to give the impression he is a warrior who wants to keep his skill sharp with multiple places for him to be.
Umm... I certainly like the ideas, but I was about to start a new thread in the "Modding Requests" section about something like them myself. See, I don't think I can go THAT far... yet...
If I were you, I'd ask Hassat Hunter or Fair Strides about this, because they are the ones who helped me in making this... They have more experience than me, so...
P.S. Although I can't turn those suggestions of yours into mods, I'm pretty sure they are all possible to make.

Oh, and something else:
If Atton is fighting Bao-Dur, who's piloting the ship? HK?
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