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Originally Posted by maltron66 View Post
Umm... I certainly like the ideas, but I was about to start a new thread in the "Modding Requests" section about something like them myself. See, I don't think I can go THAT far... yet...
If I were you, I'd ask Hassat Hunter or Fair Strides about this, because they are the ones who helped me in making this... They have more experience than me, so...
P.S. Although I can't turn those suggestions of yours into mods, I'm pretty sure they are all possible to make.

Oh, and something else:
If Atton is fighting Bao-Dur, who's piloting the ship? HK?
I think that it can be on auto pilot while its in hyper space since they already plotted the course only in a dire circumstance would Atton need to really be at the helm
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