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Originally Posted by Sixters View Post
Hi everybody ! French fan of the KotOR series, actually want to play again to the 2nd , and goes to a full walktrough with TSLRCM 1.8 (or 1.8.1 ? nevermind that nots important).

I'm trying to found somes mods, but i can download from filefront or gamefronts at all. For some of theses mods that i want, i found mirrors (but really not much of them...).

Each time i try to download, after the five second delay i get a Firefox Error Message that is this :
When under IE, i have the windows with "execute", "register" or "register as" but, and i've tryed each options, nothing happens. Really nothing.
Is there is something wrong on my computers/settings or that cuz of my location ?

In case u have some solution, i'm here waiting Or i'm just looking for some mirror or the following mods :
TSL Ambience Improvement Mod (by PastramiX)
Coruscant High Resolution Textures by Exile007
Enchanced Merchants by Shem
Fixed Kreia's Fall Movie by Jinger (optionnal)
Fixed Mandalorian Banners by J7 (optionnal)
Realistic Nar Shaddaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn(optionnal)
Coruscant Jedi Temple by DeathDisco (this is the one i REALLY want to use but cant found any mirror )
Movement Animation Fix for KOTOR & TSL by ZimmMaster
Shem's Realistic Visual Effects (kinda important too :/)
Trailer Force Crush Sound by Don Kain.

The one i would like to have in priority is the Coruscant Jedy Temple, dont waste time on the other if u are busy, but if u could help me on this one, i would really apreciate it.

Thanks all,
Sixters, padawan in the modding's side.
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